Headache English version.
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Headache English version.

Person having problems with your headache!
 Special treatment of !! All hand to our hospital if aimed at early improvement.


◆ Special treatment of all! Hand to  M’s Osteopathic Clinic if the aim early improvement.

◆ Do you think why , patients are to be admitted from the 23 wards of Tokyo other than the M’s Osteopathic Clinic ?
    It also has been the treatment various other Osteopathic Council , in manipulative Institute , etc. Many people suffer from headache
    Regardless , headache and it has not been improved .
    Why not go away ? It is because want to receive insignificant , the treatment wrong .
    In another hospital , about 7000 yen position to 1 times . It is heard when it is talking to listen well , and are promoting the tickets .
◆ The M’s Osteopathic Clinic , headache treatment fee of one is 6500 yen .
    Because there is confidence , for those who do not improve anything in treatment of first-time ,
    It does not have received a fee . ¥ 0 is completely free !
    Headache has been improved in the treatment of 2-3 times usually , but there are individual differences .
    Headache is also gone , weeks , months , and years to a few too
    It can also be due to stress , such as recurrence of working and constitution .
◆ patients with trouble is , in our headache
☎ Please contact 03-6913-0610 M’s Osteopathic Clinic !